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Almost from the beginning, BioLogos has received requests for information on educational resources that present more options for those who desire to take their faith and science seriously. Resources like this can be challenging to find, but we are pleased to present some worth looking in to. We are developing new materials (including a Christian worldview supplement for high school biology), and we hope to continue to discover other good options. When we do, we will update this list. Plan to check back regularly to discover what’s new!

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“To know the mighty works of God, to comprehend His wisdom and majesty and power, to appreciate, in degree, the wonderful working of His laws, surely all this must be a pleasing and acceptable mode of worship to the Most High, to whom ignorance cannot be more gratifying than knowledge.”



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Curricula for Teaching Science

  • Novare Science and Math Curriculum

    Novare Science and Math Curriculum

    (Christian, middle school and high school, primarily for use in schools) This new publisher offers a fresh mastery approach to science education and a balanced perspective on dealing ... Read More >

  • Science Fusion Online Materials

    Audio Visual
    Science Fusion Online Materials

    (Secular, K-8, for use in schools or homeschool) Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. This online material presents great coverage of science, including evolution, and educators ca... Read More >

  • Christian Schools International curriculum

    Christian Schools International curriculum

    (Christian, K-8, for schools) Though the materials contain no evolutionary content, they call Christians to embrace science recognizing that through science we come to learn more abou... Read More >

  • Biology Curriculum

    Biology Curriculum

    (Secular, high school, primarily for schools) This material contains extensive coverage of evolution and has been widely used, including in Christian schools and by homeschooling fami... Read More >

  • Real Science 4 Kids Curriculum

    Real Science 4 Kids Curriculum

    (Secular, K-8, primarily for homeschool) These materials offer a broader selection of science content for young students in order to develop a good foundation moving forward. Read More >

  • CK-12 Online Curricula

    Audio Visual
    CK-12 Online Curricula

    Science Curricula (secular, elementary – high school, homeschool or school settings) This non-profit educational organization provides free online materials (primarily science ... Read More >

  • Elemental Science Online Curriculum

    Audio Visual
    Elemental Science Online Curriculum

    These materials provide schedules and supplemental materials for parents while relying on outside books (published by Usborne, DK and others) for the bulk of the science content. Begi... Read More >

  • Global Student Network Curriculum

    Global Student Network Curriculum

    (Secular, K-12, homeschool) This site houses various curricular options from different publishers covering all subjects with almost all science curricula containing evolutionary conte... Read More >

  • Science Education Supplemental Online Materials

    Audio Visual
    Science Education Supplemental Online Materials

    The AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) offers Science NetLinks which is a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education resource with numer... Read More >

  • This Month in Creation

    Blog Series
    This Month in Creation

    Alongside the great science, you will find activities, videos, and articles to help connect the science to your students in fun and meaningful ways! Read More >


Curricula for Teaching about the Interaction of Science & Faith

  • Origins


    Though Christians share a common belief about who created the universe, they can believe very different things about how it happened. This book lays out the various Christia... Read More >

  • Fossils and Faith Curriculum

    Fossils and Faith Curriculum

    Four unit study. Rather than taking one position on the creation/evolution debate, this resource helps students discover that there are multiple valid Christian views. Students receiv... Read More >

  • The Author of Life

    Audio Visual
    The Author of Life

    This 7 part video series is aimed directly at Christian young people who are asking how their faith goes with what they are learning in science class. Includes discussion materials, a... Read More >

  • The Lost World of Genesis One

    The Lost World of Genesis One

    Walton proposes a reading of Genesis 1 that is, “faithful to the context of the original audience and author, and one that preserves and enhances the theological vitality” of the ... Read More >

  • The Big Story

    The Big Story

    What if we told the story of the Bible from the perspective of what science has learned about God's world? View the epic story of God that stretches from creation to new creation... Read More >

  • Test of Faith Online Curriculum

    Audio Visual
    Test of Faith Online Curriculum

    Curriculum for use with the Test of Faith DVD (high school – separate adult materials have also been developed.). This unique program seeks to defend belief in God against claim... Read More >

  • Faraday Schools Online Curriculum

    Audio Visual
    Faraday Schools Online Curriculum

    These materials were developed for use in British religious education in public schools and aim to address how the big questions of life intersect with science. American educators may... Read More >

  • Science and the Bible

    Blog Series
    Science and the Bible

    This ongoing series written by historian Ted Davis begins with a brief synopsis of his personal background, and then goes on to reveal his passion for debunking “the now-common ... Read More >


Books for Young Children

  • Touch-and-Feel Creation

    Touch-and-Feel Creation

    (2007) for pre-schoolers to age 5 (Christian). This colorful book exposes children to the wonderful creatures, colors, and textures God has made. Over and over we hear the question: ... Read More >

  • Goodnight Lab

    Goodnight Lab

    (2017) for ages 4-8. Fans of "Goodnight Moon" will love this parody, which introduces children to life in the lab. Read More >

  • Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story

    Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story

    (2003) for ages 3 – 8 (secular). This book follows the earliest life forms along their evolutionary path to the current creatures that exist - including us humans. "All of us a... Read More >

  • Older than the Stars

    Older than the Stars

    2011) ages 3 – 8 (secular). Interested in a children’s book that tackles Big Bang cosmology, early solar system formation and development of life on earth? The title presents the ... Read More >

  • The Genesis of it All

    The Genesis of it All

    (2006) For children ages 5+. This poetic re-telling of God’s creative work in Genesis 1 highlights a God who delights in creating and who delights in us, his creatures. Read More >

  • Little Changes

    Little Changes

    (2012) For children ages 6+. This engaging story teaches important mechanisms behind evolutionary change like selection, variation, and speciation—without using the terms themselves... Read More >

  • Charlie and Kiwi: An Evolutionary Adventure

    Charlie and Kiwi: An Evolutionary Adventure

    (2011) for ages 5 – 8 (secular). This story uses time travel alongside great science to investigate how the unusual kiwi bird came to have the characteristics it does (for example i... Read More >

  • Life on Earth: The Story of Evolution

    Life on Earth: The Story of Evolution

    (2002) for ages 5 – 10 (secular). How have so many different forms of life developed across earth’s 4.5 billion year history? Using colorful torn-paper illustrations throughout, t... Read More >

  • Gregor Mendel, the Friar Who Grew Peas

    Gregor Mendel, the Friar Who Grew Peas

    (2006) For children ages 8+. Readers glimpse the curiosity, religious life, and work ethic of an early scientist whose groundbreaking work was only given serious consideration after ... Read More >

Books for Middle Schoolers

Perspectives from parents, teachers, and students

  • When should you introduce your child to evolution?

    Blog Post
    When should you introduce your child to evolution?

    But if from a young age, children hear regularly that God created everything, loves them, and encourages our exploration of the world, then just maybe scientific discoveries they lear... Read More >

  • How Science Shook My Faith

    Blog Post
    How Science Shook My Faith

    Sometimes when I am studying evolution, I take a step back and worship my Lord because I am so in awe. Read More >

  • Embracing Faith, Accepting Ambiguity

    Blog Post
    Embracing Faith, Accepting Ambiguity

    My journey has been gradual and halting, and I think that that is how it is for many people. It seems to me that it would be too cataclysmic to have all of our ideas shift at once. Read More >

  • Stories: Natasha Strande

    Blog Post
    Stories: Natasha Strande

    The resources available on the BioLogos fueled my hunger to learn more about our Creator and stirred a passion in me to be an advocate for the unity between science and faith. Read More >

  • Stories: Diane Sweeney

    Blog Post
    Stories: Diane Sweeney

    Science was a common topic at the dinner table at home and it still is whenever we get together. We are all devoted Christians who love to take hikes and wonder at God’s creatio... Read More >

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- Andy Crouch, Journalist, Executive Editor for Christianity Today
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