Origins book coverThough Christians share a common belief about who created the universe, they can believe very different things about how it happened. Origins lays out the various Christian perspectives on origins in a clear and approachable way. Available in English, Korean, and French.

Origins has been used by many Christian high schools and colleges, helping students understand the range of views on issues of creation, intelligent design, and evolution.  It works very well as a supplement in a 100-level college course in life sciences, as well as in theology courses, church adult education groups, or other small groups. It is an excellent high school Bible or science curriculum supplement, as well as a great addition for homeschoolers and/or homeschool co-ops.

Origins was the focus of a BioLogos Book Club. The resources collected below are for continued use in various small group settings.

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In the escalating vitriol in our culture, “science” and “faith” have found each other on opposite sides of a polarized divide. Truth and community are under attack.

If there is one thing the pandemic has shown us, it is what science can and cannot do. Scientists and doctors have done amazing things during the pandemic—identified the virus, treated the disease, and developed safe vaccines that work.

But in these polarized times, science can’t reduce anger, forgive sins, build mutual respect, or fill us with compassion for others.

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