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Christianity and Science

Scientific Evidence

  • What is evolution?

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    What is evolution?

    Properly understood, evolution is a scientific theory about the development of life. It is consistent with Christian theology. Read More >

  • What does the fossil record show?

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    What does the fossil record show?

    Fossils provide a unique view into the history of life by showing the forms of life in the past. They also tell us how species have changed across Earth’s history.  Read More >

  • Does thermodynamics disprove evolution?

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    Does thermodynamics disprove evolution?

    Because evolution results in an increase in the order and complexity of species—a decrease in entropy—some claim evolution violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Read More >

  • Is historical science reliable?

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    Is historical science reliable?

    The so-called “historical” sciences test their hypotheses using observation and experimentation, much like any other type of rigorous science. Read More >

Biblical Interpretation

God's Relationship to Creation

Human Origins

  • Were Adam and Eve historical figures?

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    Were Adam and Eve historical figures?

    Traditional interpretations of Scripture should not be lightly dismissed, but neither should we ignore the results of scientific inquiry simply because they conflict with these. Read More >

  • Did death occur before the Fall?

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    Did death occur before the Fall?

    The fossil record shows that many creatures died before humans appeared, which appears to conflict with Bible passages that describe death as a punishment for human sinfulness. Read More >