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Small Groups Resource Center


The issues of evolution and creation can take a while to work through, and it’s good to have friends with you along the way. We encourage you to get together with others to discuss your questions. What does Genesis really teach? How strong is the scientific evidence? How does God go about creating? Does what I think about evolution make a difference in my life? The following resources are great for small groups, whether a group on campus, a youth group at church, a Sunday school class, a prayer group, a book club, or friends in your dorm.

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New to leading a small group discussion? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin.

  1. Start the meeting by asking each person to share something they’re learning about the topic or something that has been particularly meaningful to them.
  2. Allow everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts rather than one or two people dominating the discussion, and invite quiet participants to give their input.
  3. Be sensitive to the conversation getting bogged down on one issue and use a new discussion question to steer participants in a fresh direction.
  4. When necessary, remind participants to critique ideas, not people. Try to uphold other believers as part of the community of faith though you may disagree with their views.
  5. End with prayer and praise to God for his handiwork and our unity in Christ.
  6. Encourage everyone to keep up with the reading for the next session (when applicable) to get the most out of the discussion.