Science & Christianity: Past, Present, and Future Book Cover

This study was published Smyth & Helwys Books. It provides Christians scriptural considerations and scholarly information on some of the most fundamental, modern scientific concepts (creation, evolution, conservation, and transhumanism) so that both science and faith will be seen as critical components of a flourishing life. This guide is meant to be an instrument for faith communities to become places where scientific engagement is welcome rather than ignored or feared.

This study is divided into 5 sessions, each featuring Bible verses that can be used to provide insight into modern scientific topics and background information on the topics from scientists, theologians, and philosophers that includes numerous references and footnotes if individuals desire more in-depth study. Questions for discussion are provided at the end of each chapter to foster collective learning. Whereas there are no quick or easy answers for topics raised in these sessions, it is hoped that the scientific information provided and scriptures to consider will provide insight.

While an individual could do this study alone, each session is intended to be studied in a group setting. It is recommended that individuals read each chapter prior to the session and then gather for collective discussion and learning. YouTube videos and PowerPoint slides are available if desired.


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