Trust can be used as a synonym for faith, but we should
not “trust in” science in that way. Our ultimate hope and
salvation comes from God not from science.

So when should we trust science?

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  • Cooperation, Tribalism, and the Promise in Resurrection

    Progress for progress’ sake has led humanity down some avenues that have produced less-than-desirable outcomes. Looking toward Jesus, we can have hope that we are more than just our instincts.

  • Should we trust science?

    Trust can be used as a synonym for faith, but we should not “trust in” science in that way. Our ultimate hope and salvation comes from God not from science. So when should we trust science?

  • End Times and the Environment

    What we think about the future influences what we do in the present. What happens when the theology we’ve been taught hinders our desire to care for the planet?

  • How to Spot Fake Science

    How do you know when a source is reliable? What can you do to fight misinformation? There are many indicators to suggest whether you are looking at a credible source or not.

  • Alpine Wildflowers: A Gentle Whisper in the Mountains

    A man reflects on the beauty of God's creation of wildflowers in his own backyard, the Rocky Mountains.

  • Love your neighbor. Wear a mask!

    Have you signed, “A Christian Statement on Science for Pandemic Times”?

    Tim Keller

    Many people today, both secular and Christian, want us to believe that science and religion cannot live together. Not only is this untrue, but we believe that a thoughtful dialogue between science and faith is essential for engaging the hearts and minds of individuals today. BioLogos provides an important first step towards that end.

    Tim Keller, Pastor & Author

    Thinking on Race, Science, and Faith

    Resources to help us better process the moment we're in.

  • Joseph L. Graves 

    Joseph Graves | The Genetics of Race (Part 1)

    Dr. Graves tells the story of his journey through higher education discusses some basics of evolution and what it even means to be a species.

  • Joseph L. Graves 

    Joseph Graves | The Genetics of Race (Part 2)

    We dig into the genetic science of race and we talk about some common misconceptions, such as whether race affects athletic abilities and what you can actually find out from genetic ancestry testing.

  • Why Black Lives Matter for Science and Faith

    Listen to the panel of Black science and faith voices talk about the disparities in STEM, and how we can achieve greater representation for the Black community and other people of color in our fields.

  • Start Exploring

    New to BioLogos? Check out these introductory resources to see what we're all about!
  • God's Word. God's World. The mission of BioLogos.

    BioLogos shows the church and the world The harmony between science and biblical faith.

  • What is evolution?

    Properly understood, evolution is a scientific theory about the development of life and is consistent with Christian theology.

  • Questioning the Answers: My Story of Doubt and Discovery

    Cassie Hale shares her story of wrestling with questions related to her faith and evolution.

  • How is Evolutionary Creation different from Evolutionism, Intelligent Design, and Creationism?

    We affirm that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative word of God. We also accept the science of evolution as the best description for how God brought about life on earth.

  • The Big Story: From Stardust to The New Creation

    What if we told the story of the Bible from the perspective of what science has learned about God's world? Watch now!

  • The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief

    An instant bestseller by the founder of BioLogos, The Language of God provides a powerful conversion story and a winsome account of the harmony between science and faith in many key areas.

  • God’s Word. God’s World. The Mission of BioLogos.

    Are science and religion at war? Many people today believe they are in conflict. BioLogos exists to show that you don’t have to choose between modern science and biblical faith. Watch the video to learn more …

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  • Agustín Fuentes 

    Agustín Fuentes | To Believe is Human

    Agustín Fuentes has looked to science for the question, what does it mean to be human, but the answers he finds speak to something bigger than science.

  • Rosalind Picard 

    Rosalind Picard | Flourishing in an Age of Computers

    Rosalind Picard's work developing computers with emotional intelligence has highlighted the amazing capacity of humans.

  • Thomas Jay Oord 

    Thomas Jay Oord | Uncontrolling Love

    Jim Stump and Thomas Jay Oord talk about the problem of evil.

  • BioLogos Basics Videos

    Check out this series of short, snappy videos introducing topics for those new to the Christianity and science discussion.

  • 1. What is BioLogos?

    So what is BioLogos? Well it all began with a scientist and a book. Francis Collins, the physician and geneticist who led the Human Genome Project, wrote the book, The Language of God.

  • 2. Is God the Creator?

    Does BioLogos believe that God is the creator? Yes, all Christians believe this; the question is, how did God create?

  • 3. What about the Bible?

    Doesn’t evolutionary creation contradict a plain reading of the Bible? Well, that depends on whose plain reading you mean.

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