Join us April 17-19 for the BioLogos national conference, Faith & Science 2024, as we explore God’s Word and God’s World together!


BioLogos Resource Centers

Resources on Science and Faith

K-12 Educators Resource Center

For homeschoolers, teachers, students, parents and school administrators.

K-12 Resources on Science and Faith

Pastors Resource Center

When it comes to explaining the interaction of our faith with science, it’s one thing to read other pastors’ thoughts, but it is another thing entirely to be prepared to address your own congregations on these topics.

Resources for Pastors on Science and Faith

Youth Ministry Resource Center

See recommended books, articles, videos, and stories that can get you up to speed on popular topics and give you practical ideas of how to start a positive conversation about science and faith in your youth group.


Small Groups Resource Center

The issues of evolution and creation can take a while to work through, and it’s good to have friends with you along the way.


Campus Ministry Resource Center

For those involved in campus ministry, we have collected some top resources to help in your own thinking about faith and the science of origins as well as materials that can be useful tools as you work with others.

Science and Faith Resources for Campus Ministry