Christianity and the History of Science

Published on August 03, 2012

Ask a person on the street for an opinion about science and religion, and you are likely to hear something about a confrontation, or perhaps a reference to Galileo’s trial for heresy by the Roman inquisition in 1633. But the belief that science and religion have always been in conflict is a myth that has been thoroughly debunked by professional historians of science. Christians have often been at the forefront of scientific research, and the modern scientific method of rational empiricism is closely linked with Christian theology.

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In the escalating vitriol in our culture, “science” and “faith” have found each other on opposite sides of a polarized divide. Truth and community are under attack.

If there is one thing the pandemic has shown us, it is what science can and cannot do. Scientists and doctors have done amazing things during the pandemic—identified the virus, treated the disease, and developed safe vaccines that work.

But in these polarized times, science can’t reduce anger, forgive sins, build mutual respect, or fill us with compassion for others.

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