Novare Science and Math Curriculum

Published on January 16, 2018

Novare Science and Math Curriculum Book CoverThis new publisher offers a fresh mastery approach to science education and a balanced perspective on dealing with evolutionary content. (Christian, middle school and high school, primarily for use in schools)

Their aim is to transform the common student learning pattern of “cram, pass, and forget”. Teaching Science so that Students Learn Science, by John Mays, primary author for Novare, is a wonderful overview of their unique approach to science education. The chapter entitled “Dealing with Evolution” is well worth reading by anyone seriously interested in improving Christian science education in the U.S.. John Mays’ perspective is based on many years of teaching in a classical Christian school and is perhaps the best presentation we have seen offered by a Christian publisher on how to handle evolution in Christian classrooms. Though Novare does not currently offer a life science or biology text, their resources include materials on physical science, physics, and chemistry, as well as other teacher resources like solution manuals, experiment collections, and resource CD’s. Jeffrey Mays of Novare recently wrote a blog post for BioLogos.

Novare recently launched a new imprint called Centripetal Press that offers science curricula that include their mastery approach but without the faith perspective. It is a new choice for schools which cannot include faith-based language but still want John Mays’ fresh approach to scientific education.

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