Dinosaurs: Exploring the Scientific Mysteries of God’s Creation

Dinosaurs: Exploring the Scientific Mysteries of God’s Creation Book Cover(2000) for ages 8 – 12 (Christian). Few creatures capture the interest of children like dinosaurs! This is a great resource for discovering more about these creatures but we also read of the science behind the age of the earth and how the earth has changed over time. Scientists point to fossils, stratification, and radiometric dating to give clues about the past. The authors recognize that Christians differ about their thoughts on when and how life developed on earth, but the most important thing to focus on is the new life offered in God’s Son, Jesus.

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In the escalating vitriol in our culture, “science” and “faith” have found each other on opposite sides of a polarized divide. Truth and community are under attack.

If there is one thing the pandemic has shown us, it is what science can and cannot do. Scientists and doctors have done amazing things during the pandemic—identified the virus, treated the disease, and developed safe vaccines that work.

But in these polarized times, science can’t reduce anger, forgive sins, build mutual respect, or fill us with compassion for others.

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