When Stars Come Out: Bedtime Psalms for Little Ones

Published on June 7, 1994

When Stars Come Out: Bedtime Psalms for Little Ones Book Cover(1994) for pre-schoolers to age 5 (Christian). This book takes passages from the Psalms and re-writes them in rhyming, child-friendly language. We read of God as the Shepherd who watches over us while we sleep and the God of forgiveness. We also recognize God as Creator by pointing to passages found in the Psalms like Psalm 19:1, “The heavens declare in a voice as still, As moonlight streaming over the hill, The heavens declare in a voice so still—God is there.” And from Psalm 147:4 “Do you suppose the stars have names Like Sally, Henry, Sue, or James? I couldn’t tell—But just the same, God calls every star By name!”

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