Real Science 4 Kids Curriculum

Published on January 16, 2016

Published by Gravitas. These materials offer a broader selection of science content for young students in order to develop a good foundation moving forward. (Secular, K-8, primarily for homeschool)

They offer printed science curricula primarily for K – 8 graders in homeschool settings covering geology, astronomy, biology, and chemistry for elementary students, and physics, geology, astronomy, biology, and chemistry, for middle school. For high school, currently only chemistry is available, but materials include quizzes, a CD with lectures, and a lab manual. All materials are written by Dr. Rebecca Keller who holds a PhD in biochemistry. Though she is a Christian, she endeavors to write from a “neutral” perspective so her materials could be useful for all audiences. Dr. Keller has been a proponent of the Intelligent Design movement and her materials contain no evolutionary theory and seem to avoid potentially controversial areas of content. A strength of Real Science is the inclusion of broader scientific content in the early elementary grades than other companies offer.

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