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Evolution and God's Creation

Evolution and God's Creation

Discover why most Christian biologists accept evolution as the best scientific explanation for the diversity of life and how it fits with the Bible's teaching on creation.


Evolution and God’s Creation

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Teaching time:

7:00-10:00 hours


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Teaching evolution doesn’t have to make you anxious.

Teaching evolution can feel like a risky business. But there are big risks if you don’t! Many Christian students grow up hearing that evolution is an atheistic idea and doesn’t have real evidence behind it. When they go off to college and encounter strong evidence for themselves, they often feel lied to. What if you could help your students understand why so many devout Christian biologists accept evolution, and prevent them from having a faith crisis? What if learning about this extraordinary theory actually brought your kids closer to God?

Essential Questions

  • Can accepting evolution be a faithful option for Christians?
  • How can we promote peace within the body of Christ when we disagree about origins?
  • What is a theory?
  • What are some positions Christians hold on evolution?
  • Why have some Christians chosen to accept evolution?
  • What causes evolutionary change?
  • Is there any evidence for evolution?
  • Can a faithful Christian accept evolution?

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Learning Outcomes

What will students know or be able to do after this unit?

  • Plan how they can emulate the peace of Christ in difficult discussions.
  • Explain how a scientific theory is distinct from a hypothesis.
  • Identify areas of agreement and disagreement between the three main Christian views on evolution and age of the earth.
  • Empathize with the stories of Christians who have accepted evolution.
  • Explain how the principles of evolution operate to change traits within a population over generations.
  • Describe at least three compelling lines of scientific evidence for evolution.
  • Collect and analyze data and draw evidence-based conclusions.

Modules Included in this Unit

9.1 Meet: Biologist April Maskiewicz Cordero

“Dr. April” shares her difficult journey of ­reconciling her faith with compelling evidence for evolution.

9.2 Grow: Peace

In this brief devotional, students reflect on how the Bible describes peace and how they can be peacemakers when disagreements arise between Christians.

9.3 Engage: Theories in Science

Students learn what the word “theory” means in science and consider how recognizing the limits of science can help us acknowledge its power.

9.4 Engage: Christian Views on Creation and Evolution

Students compare the positions of three major Christian organizations on evolution, identifying areas of agreement and disagreement.

9.5 Engage: Journeys to Peace with Evolution

Students consider the faith journeys of other Christians who accept evolution and reflect on what it means to hold a biblical view of creation.

9.6 Experience: Defining Evolution

Students learn several core principles of evolution through case studies of various species.

9.7 Experience: Evidence for Evolution

Students observe evolution in action in bacteria and see how stickleback fish populations change due to natural selection. They also learn how multiple lines of evidence help biologists establish evolutionary relationships.

9.8 Integrate: Moving Forward in Faith

Students reflect on whether evolution can be compatible with Christianity. After writing a letter to Dr. April, they watch two artistic expressions of evolutionary creation.

Integrate is exactly what our homeschool was needing and looking for but didn’t think existed… The Evolution and God’s Creation unit has multiple ways to engage students, from videos to hands-on experiments that thoroughly explain how evolution works in a way that an average junior high or high school student can understand. 

Emily B. Hathcock, Home Educator, Middleburg, FL

What’s Included

  • Unit lesson plans (PDF download, 45 pages)
  • User Introduction and Overview (Google Doc)
  • 7 student handouts (Google Docs)
  • 1 teacher’s guide to Evolution 101 activity (Google Doc)
  • 1 answer key (Google Docs)
  • 10 images for printing or projecting (JPEG)
  • Integrate Glossary (Google Docs, 64 pages)
  • NGSS Alignment (Google Doc)

Integrate carefully and powerfully unpacks a Christian worldview as it meets evolution and the scientific study of life. It unabashedly fosters a solid biological understanding but deepens and enriches it with the perspective of faith.

David Lahti
David Lahti, Associate Professor of Biology, Queens College, City University of New York, New York City, NY