About Integrate

Bring Christ-centered faith, rigorous science, and gracious dialogue to your students with Integrate, a flexible faith and science curriculum. Explore theological and ethical questions raised by modern science, while cultivating virtues such as humility, wisdom, and wonder.

Integrate is designed for home educators and teachers at private Christian schools (grades 6–12). It can also be used by Christian public school families at home.

After years of getting requests for curricula, BioLogos began developing Integrate in 2017. Focus groups with science educators revealed they weren’t looking for a full new curriculum, but rather quality, vetted resources to help students make deeper connections between their Christian faith and the science they were learning. Integrate has been designed to accomplish that goal.

The series of unit studies that comprise Integrate is organized around the main topics covered in a biology course and provides structured activities for a traditional classroom or homeschool use. Many of the units can be used in other science or Bible courses as well. The modular design gives you flexibility to pick and choose the activities that best suit your goals, time constraints, and students’ interests.