After years of getting requests for curricula, BioLogos began developing INTEGRATE in 2017. Focus groups with educators revealed they weren’t looking for a brand-new, full biology curriculum, but rather quality, vetted resources to help students make deeper connections between their Christian faith and the science they were learning.

BioLogos INTEGRATE is a flexible, easy-to-use teacher’s resource for exploring biology from a Christian worldview. It presents science in conversation with biblical faith. Designed for classroom teachers and home educators, INTEGRATE can be used alongside any science curriculum, or even on its own. It addresses common questions and concerns related to bioethics, creation care, origins, and other topics, and emphasizes virtues such as humility, wisdom, wonder. INTEGRATE helps Christian young people grow in their faith in Christ as they develop a deeper love and stronger understanding of the world God has made.

While BioLogos INTEGRATE contains many inquiry-based science activities, it is not a full biology curriculum. The INTEGRATE units are organized by the main topics covered in a biology course and provides structured activities for a traditional classroom or homeschool use.