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Welcome, home educators!

Here you can find some curated education content just for you, on using Integrate, homeschooling, and more!

Check out this testimonial from Elizabeth Trotter, a missionary and home educator, on how Integrate filled a need for her family.


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Susan Wise Bauer | Homeschooling, History, and the Foundation of Science

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Historian and educator Susan Wise Bauer talks about the state of alternative education today and reflects on the reciprocal relationship between devout theistic faith and careful science.

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New Homeschool Families, Welcome to the Club!

Need a little pep talk, new homeschooling parents? You can do this with all the right kinds of support and resources!



How do I Homeschool from an Evolutionary Creation Perspective?

Whether you have very young children and are considering homeschooling as an option, or you are well on your way in your homeschooling adventure, there are curriculum options beyond the Young Earth Creationist position.


Personal Story

The Evolution of a Homeschooling Mom

This is Kendra's story of how she came to embrace Evolutionary Creation and how BioLogos became such an important part of her family’s life.