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Meet Katie Crews, a middle school science teacher, on how Integrate filled a need for her students in their Christian school environment.


April Maskiewicz Cordero | Teaching in the Tension

students in rows in classroom auditorium

April Maskiewicz Cordero joins Jim Stump and Kathryn Applegate to discuss what it’s like to teach college biology at a Christian college.

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students in rows in classroom auditorium


A New Faith and Science Curriculum: What if Our Kids' Stories Could be Different?

Integrate is a new faith and science curriculum from BioLogos designed for Christian educators, parents, and ministry leaders. It is a resource to help bridge the faith and science divide too often students encounter in the classroom. Conflict doesn't have to be a part of our kids' stories.

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Regina McCurdy | Teaching Teachers to Teach Science

Regina tells her story and then we talk about the importance of bringing empathy into the classroom and the role race and ethnicity plays in the science classroom.

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Teaching Evolution to Students of Faith: An Interview with Sara Brownell and Elizabeth Barnes

Arizona State University science education researchers Sara Brownell and Elizabeth Barnes share best practices for biology instructors who are teaching evolution to religious students.

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