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Faith Stults
 on April 18, 2022

A New Faith and Science Curriculum: What if Our Kid's Stories Could be Different?

Integrate is a new faith and science curriculum from BioLogos designed for Christian educators, parents, and ministry leaders. It is a resource to help bridge the faith and science divide too often students encounter in the classroom. Conflict doesn't have to be a part of our kids' stories.

Young girl uses a magnifying glass to study plants

At BioLogos, we hear a lot of people’s stories of wrestling with science as a Christian.  While no two stories are exactly the same, many start with some version of, “Growing up, I was taught that science and Christian faith are incompatible…” Predictably, the story then continues, “When I got to college I felt like I had to choose.”  Some reject science, while others leave the church. Either path results in a deep loss: a diminished experience of God and the vibrant and interconnected world he has created.

What if our kids’ stories could be different?

What if, instead, our young people’s stories began with, “Growing up, I was taught that science and Christian faith work together to give us a fuller, richer understanding of God’s good world”?  What if college was a time of exploring the beauty and elegance of God’s world and becoming more deeply rooted in the truth of God’s Word?  What if our students felt empowered to weave together their passion for science and their love of Jesus from the very start?  How would the church, the scientific community, and the world be different?

This is the vision that inspired the development of Integrate, a new faith and science curriculum from BioLogos.  Integrate is designed for Christian educators, parents, and ministry leaders looking to equip the next generation of Christian leaders to be faithful, informed, and gracious voices on the difficult questions raised by modern science and technology.  Helping students think deeply about their faith alongside the study of evolution, DNA technologies, and climate change can be intimidating for even the most well-prepared educator.  Integrate is designed so that just about anyone can guide students through topics like these.  The content has been vetted by scientists, biblical scholars, and experienced educators, so you can be confident that Integrate is accurate, reliable, and easy to use.

Integrate is a new faith and science curriculum from BioLogos that fosters a safe space for students to ask questions and explore exciting areas of science through the lens of biblical faith.  Bring Christ-centered faith, rigorous science, and gracious dialogue to your students with Integrate!

What is Integrate? Learn more about what Integrate is from some of the teachers and parents who have used it, and hear what others are saying about it.

There are so many things to love about Integrate, but here are just a few highlights:

  • Thoughtful exploration of topics students care about, from climate change to human evolution, to questions surrounding human dignity.
  • The flexible, modular structure means you can pair it with your favorite science curriculum, or use it as a standalone resource.
  • It’s designed to be an open-and-go resource that doesn’t require a background in science, theology, or education to use.
  • A diverse set of Christian role models help students develop a vision for science as a Christian vocation.
  • Each unit includes a brief devotional focused on a Christian virtue that connects to the unit’s topic.

Each unit is designed around essential questions, has clear learning outcomes, and includes a high-level alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Photos of some of the Integrate unit cover art

The series of unit studies that comprise Integrate is organized around the main topics covered in a biology course and provides structured activities for a traditional classroom or homeschool use.  There are a total of 15 units in the curriculum, which can be purchased individually or as a bundle.

Integrate isn’t just a curriculum, it’s a community.  Whether you’re a parent or teacher—or anyone who cares about the next generation—come and join us.

According to Barna’s 2018 Gen Z report, only 28% of all teens believe science and the Bible are complementary. We have an opportunity to change the stories our kids will tell. Let them explore big topics and ask hard questions within the supportive setting of our homes and classrooms with Integrate.

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Faith Stults

Faith Stults

Faith Stults is Program Manager at BioLogos where she supports K12 educators through resource recommendations and training opportunities. She is also leading a team to adapt the Integrate curriculum for use in churches and other settings. Faith's passion for science education and for healing the church’s relationship with science came out of her experience as a science-loving kid growing up at Christian schools. After double-majoring in Astronomy and Religion at Whitman College, she worked as the Project Coordinator for the AAAS’s program on the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion. She researched science education at Christian high schools as part of her MS in Science Education at Stanford University and then spent seven years teaching high school physics and astronomy at a Christian high school in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also recently completed an MS in Astronomy from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia in her "spare time".