Frequently Asked Questions

#BioLogos and BioLogos INTEGRATE

What is BioLogos INTEGRATE?

Who should use INTEGRATE?

What makes INTEGRATE unique?

What is BioLogos?

Do you have a statement of faith?

Does INTEGRATE teach a particular church or denomination's doctrine?

Would I need to modify INTEGRATE if I am Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, or LDS?

Does BioLogos affirm creation or evolution?

Is INTEGRATE only for people who already accept evolution?

Who developed INTEGRATE?

Who funded INTEGRATE?

#Planning and Instruction

Is INTEGRATE self-contained or do I need to buy anything else?

What science curriculum should be used alongside INTEGRATE?

What topics does BioLogos INTEGRATE cover?

What's the difference between a unit and a module?

What are the types of modules within a unit?

Do the 5 module types correspond to the NGSS 5E instructional model?

Does the sequence of the INTEGRATE units matter or can I rearrange them?

What does it mean that INTEGRATE is aligned with NGSS?

Can INTEGRATE be used to supplement AP Biology or a college biology course?

Can INTEGRATE be used with students younger than high school?

How much class time does an INTEGRATE unit require?

Does INTEGRATE include tests, quizzes, and answer keys?

Does each student in a class need access to a computer or just the instructor?

Can I buy a hard copy of the main unit lesson plans?

Do I need a science background to use INTEGRATE?

Can a student use INTEGRATE for independent learning or does it require an instructor?


Can INTEGRATE be used one-on-one with a single student?

Can INTEGRATE be used across multiple age levels?

Does BioLogos have biology curriculum recommendations for homeschoolers?

Can INTEGRATE be used in a classroom or co-op setting with students who have differing origins beliefs?

Does BioLogos send representatives to education conferences?

#Christian School

Does INTEGRATE work well for distance learning?

Will using a secular textbook dilute our Christian identity?

How should I talk to parents who are skeptical about BioLogos or the choice to use INTEGRATE?

Do you offer teacher training for new users of INTEGRATE?

Can I invite a BioLogos speaker to come to my school?

#Payment and Terms of Use

Why isn't INTEGRATE free like other BioLogos resources?

Is INTEGRATE a subscription or a one-time cost?

I bought an individual unit, but now I want a bundle. Can I upgrade?

Can I pre-order units that haven’t been released yet?

Can my school order multiple copies?

Can I share my copy of INTEGRATE with friends or colleagues?

Can I modify the student handouts and slide presentations?

What is your return policy?

Is INTEGRATE available in my country?

Why am I asked to provide a physical address for a digital product?

How do I contact the BioLogos INTEGRATE team for further support?

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