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Dove BioLogos invites the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as we present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation.

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"Christians are fond of saying that 'all truth is God’s truth.' But it can be hard to appreciate this if we’ve chosen to treat science as anti-God. What if, instead of getting all threatened and frightened by scientific advances, we viewed scientific advancement as new vistas for theological consideration? The BioLogos Foundation will help us do that."

Daniel Harrell, Senior Minister,
    Colonial Church, Edina, Minn.

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  • What is Evolutionary Creation?

    The view that all life on earth came about by the God-ordained process of evolution with common descent. Evolution is a means by which God providentially achieves his purposes in creation.

  • Why Should Christians Consider Evolutionary Creation?

    Because it can aid the church's mission: to worship our Creator God, raise Christian young people, and bring people to Christ.

  • Science and Scripture

    BioLogos is committed to the authority of the Bible as the inspired word of God, and believes it is compatible with new scientific discoveries.

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