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Seeing God in Creation

Seeing God in Creation

Study God's creation with a posture of wonder and worship and consider how miracles fit with modern science.


Seeing God in Creation

Corequisite science:


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Teaching time:

3:30-5:00 hours


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Help them have eyes to see.

When the ancient Psalmist considered the wonders he saw in the land, sea, and sky around him, he was moved to cry out, “I will sing to the Lord all my life!” (Psalm 104:33) Today, we have access to even more detailed insights into the intricacies of the natural world. How do we guide students to a posture of worship and awe as they learn about the processes God uses to sustain his creation?

Essential Questions

  • How does God reveal himself through nature?
  • How should Christians respond when considering the intricacies and beauty of God’s works?
  • How does God sustain creation through natural processes?
  • How can the wonders of the living world lead us to worship the Author of Life?
  • Are miracles unscientific?
  • How can we praise God for his creation through artistic expression?

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Learning Outcomes

What will students know or be able to do after this unit?

  • Reflect on the attributes of God that inspire awe and wonder in Christians.
  • Describe some of the natural processes through which God sustains the earth.
  • Reflect on an experience of lingering in God’s creation.
  • Assess whether believing in miracles is compatible with accepting the findings of science.

Modules Included in this Unit

12.1 Meet: Biologist Sarah Bodbyl Roels

Dr. Bodbyl Roels shares about her lifelong love of nature and her deep sense of interdependence with animals.

12.2 Grow: Wonder

In this brief devotional, students reflect on who God is, what he has done for us, and why he deserves our worship.

12.3 Engage: God’s Provisions for Nature

Students read about and discuss seven magnificent ways God provides for creation.

12.4 Experience: Nature as Creation

Students read an article about nature inspiring worship and then spend time in nature responding to God as Creator.

12.5 Engage: Miracles and Science

Students read multiple Christian views about miracles and respond to a dialogue between two Christians about God’s action in nature.

12.6 Integrate: Awe and Wonder through Art

Students use their creativity to express gratitude and awe to God, incorporating lessons learned during the unit.

The common perspective in these science lessons is that we are striving together to learn more about God’s world. Integrate pulls together these basic truths, with faith to give perspective on science, and science as an avenue to express our faith.

Marie Ippel, Science Teacher, Rehoboth Christian School, Rehoboth, NM

What’s Included

  • Unit lesson plans (PDF download; 30 pages)
  • User Introduction and Overview (Google Doc)
  • 6 student handouts (Google Docs)
  • 10 images for printing or projecting (JPEG)
  • Integrate Glossary (Google Docs, 64 pages)
  • NGSS Alignment (Google Doc)