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Science as a Christian Vocation

Science as a Christian Vocation

Meet Christian role models in the sciences and explore how your own passions and talents could be used in a scientific career.


Science as a Christian Vocation

Corequisite science:

Nature of science

Number of modules:


Teaching time:

4:00-6:00 hours


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Invite your students to explore God’s calling for their lives.

Christians are under-represented in scientific careers, especially in research. Have we not encouraged young people to see science as a way to glorify God?

Essential Questions

  • Can Christians pursue science for God’s glory?
  • How does joy arise when we live out our calling?
  • What are some common misunderstandings people have about scientists?
  • How have Christians contributed to science in the past?
  • How are Christians contributing to science today?
  • Could God be calling you to serve him through a STEM career?

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Learning Outcomes

What will students know or be able to do after this unit?

  • Distinguish vocation from career and summarize how Christian scientists serve God in their scientific careers.
  • Explain how joy emerges from following God’s calling on our lives.
  • Identify common stereotypes of scientists and list some skills and abilities needed to be a successful scientist.
  • Articulate how Christians in the past have contributed to science.
  • Articulate how Christians today are contributing to science and how they use their gifts and abilities to serve God.
  • Practice professional communication skills by interviewing someone who works in the sciences and presenting a summary of the interview to others.

Modules Included in this Unit

3.1 Meet: Conservation Biologist Corina Newsome

Students learn what vocation means and encounter various scientists describing how they think of their work as a Christian vocation. They also get to know a biologist named Corina Newsome.

3.2 Grow: Joy

In this brief devotional, students reflect on how joy is described in the Bible and how Christians can experience joy when they live out their calling.

3.3 Engage: What Scientists are Really Like

Students examine their assumptions about what scientists look like and how they act. After watching and discussing a video featuring a group of diverse scientists, students determine whether their initial assumptions need to be reassessed.

3.4 Engage: Scientists of Faith in History

Students read about scientists in history who were Christians and research one who had a positive impact on the scientific community.

3.5 Experience: Scientists of Faith Today

Students research the life and work of one contemporary Christian scientist and determine how they might see their work as a Christian calling.

3.6 Integrate: Your Gifts and Abilities

Students explore their God-given gifts and abilities in order to help them determine whether a career in a STEM profession might be part of God’s calling on their lives.

Integrate is a fantastic tool that will help educators and students alike explore the exciting interactions between science and faith through ‘Big Ideas’ about the universe and ‘Big Questions’ about our place in it all. 

Lizzie Henderson, Youth and Schools Program Co-Director, The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge, United Kingdom

What’s Included

  • Unit lesson plans (PDF download, 30 pages)
  • User Introduction and Overview (Google Doc)
  • 6 student handouts (Google Docs)
  • 2 presentations (Google Slides)
  • 1 presentation rubric (Google Doc)
  • 10 images for printing or projecting (JPEG)
  • Integrate Glossary (Google Docs, 64 pages)
  • NGSS Alignment (Google Doc)

Integrating Christian faith and mainstream science has both a venerable history and a strategic importance today. The BioLogos Integrate curriculum exhibits both brilliant content and pedagogical excellence.

Greg Cootsona, Lecturer of Comparative Religion and Humanities, California State University at Chico; Co-Director, Science for the Church, Chico, CA