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Welcome, professors and administrators!

While Integrate was written with high school students in mind, many professors at Christian colleges and universities have found it to be a valuable resource for their introductory classes.
The curriculum’s activities and discussions can be easily adapted for a more advanced audience and the Additional Resources at the end of each module provide opportunities for going deeper with your students.
Check out our resources below for more ideas!

“These activities are great for my freshmen. The discussion that occurs between my students when we use Integrate readings and questions is invaluable.”

April Cordero
April Maskiewicz Cordero, Dean for Educational Effectiveness, Professor of Biology, Point Loma Nazarene University

Regina McCurdy | Teaching Teachers to Teach Science

Kid building electronics

Regina tells her story and then we talk about the importance of bringing empathy into the classroom and the role race and ethnicity plays in the science classroom.

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Kid building electronics

Podcast Episode

April Maskiewicz Cordero | Teaching in the Tension

April Maskiewicz Cordero joins Jim Stump and Kathryn Applegate to discuss what it’s like to teach college biology at a Christian college.

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Five Essential Practices for “Culturally Competent” Biology Instructors

All science instructors should implement some simple research-based practices that create a more culturally sensitive, inclusive classroom environment for students of faith.


The Sorrows and Joys of Teaching Evolution at an Evangelical Christian University

Contrary to popular opinion, in my experience, most of the students who do come to accept the evidence for evolution feel closer to God, not further from Him.