A podcast on faith and science.

BioLogos brings you a podcast about science and Christian Faith. Featuring the voices of experts & thinkers, scientists & theologians, and stories from people who are finding a harmony between faith and science.

Latest episode
Man through magnifying glass
Latest episode
Mónica Guzmán | The Gift of Curiosity

January 26, 2023  —  In a world of increasing division, Mónica Guzmán offers advice for approaching conversation with curiosity

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A podcast on faith and science.

Public discourse has become more polarized than ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking political parties, or culture wars, or science and religion. There are two extreme sides, both claiming the other is completely wrong and misguided. Extreme rhetoric fires up its base, but does little to persuade others. And it has become exhausting.

At BioLogos, we think there is a better way. A way of dialoguing graciously with others. A way of respecting the insights of both sides. A way of living within the tensions.

Join us for conversations about finding the harmony between science and Christian faith.

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In November of 2018, we embarked on a crowdfunding campaign to help launch the BioLogos podcast, Language of God. The response blew us away. In 30 days, over 300 contributors helped us raise over $25,000. A special shout-out to the supporters who helped make it happen!