Join us April 17-19 for the BioLogos national conference, Faith & Science 2024, as we explore God’s Word and God’s World together!

Faith & Science: A BioLogos Conference
Faith & Science: The BioLogos National Conference

Faith & Science, the BioLogos national conference, offers an unparalleled opportunity to hear from top speakers and scholars on issues of science and faith alongside hundreds of fellow Christians.


Our attendees come from around the world to comprise a diverse group of pastors and ministry leaders, scientists and theologians, students and educators, parents and children, and more.

Together we learn and grow, building friendships and worshipping God as we explore the harmony between modern science and biblical faith.

2019 BioLogos Conference: Beyond Conflict

“More than ever,” opened keynote speaker and BioLogos founder Francis Collins, “The world needs to hear the synthesis of science and faith is possible.” Over 400 people were able to experience just that at the 2019 BioLogos Conference: Beyond Conflict in Baltimore, packing the venue to hear a broad range of compelling topics at the nexus of modern science and biblical faith.


2017 BioLogos Conference: Christ & Creation

On March 29-31, 2017, we gathered in Houston, TX for the 2017 BioLogos Conference: Christ and Creation. With a top-notch lineup of speakers, including Francis Collins and NT Wright, we were pleased to welcome over 370 attendees from 35 states and 11 countries, with many more joining from around the world via live stream.

Impact of BioLogos

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