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2017 BioLogos Conference

April Maskiewicz Cordero presents at the BioLogos Conference

Below you will find a link to each of our plenary sessions from the 2017 BioLogos Conference: Christ & Creation.



N.T. Wright Christ & Creation: Exploring the Paradox
Elaine Howard Ecklund
BioLogos Staff
A Sociologist Looks at Christianity and Science
Panel Discussion
Deborah Haarsma
April Maskiewicz
Christ and the Cosmos
Nosing Around the Genome
Praveen Sethupathy
James Stump
Quid Est Veritas: Reflections on Science and Faith
Does the Center Hold? Evolution and Christian Orthodoxy
Dennis Venema
Scot McKnight
Tremper Longman
Loren Haarsma
Adam, Eve, and Population Genetics
How Genetic Science Made Me Rethink Genesis 1-3
Reflections by an OT Scholar
When Did Sin Begin?
Andy Crouch
Harvey Clemons, Jr.
The Good News About Science, Scientists, and Everything Else (Audio Only)
Science and the Living God