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Jim Stump
 on December 21, 2016

Our Top 20 Blog Posts of 2016

BioLogos rounds up the list of our top articles from 2017


It’s that time of year again when we look back to see what has happened since the earth was last in this position. For our line of work, that means showing off our top blog posts of the year.

The top origins-related story of 2016 was the opening of the Ark Encounter by Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis. Several of our most-viewed blog posts were related to this event, including the top two. I’m pleased to see each of the Theology Fellows with a post in the top 20, showing that there is a market for serious theological reflection on issues related to evolution. Then there was a smattering of the other kinds of things we do, including posts by guest authors and some of the usual suspects from our office.

One of the more pronounced features of our online traffic this year, which is not reflected in this list, is the number pageviews for blog posts that were originally posted before January of 2016. I had to look through the top 45 most-viewed posts of the year to come up with this list of the top 20 posts of 2016. That shows a healthy trend of our posts having a long shelf-life. It appears to us from the magic of Google Analytics that many of these are being used by schools or other groups.

2017 will bring a fresh crop of posts. We want to publish the content that will get lots of pageviews (well… within reason!), and we’d be happy to hear what topics you’d like us to cover. The comments section is on vacation (so our moderators don’t have to take their laptops to Christmas Eve services and family celebrations), but it will be back in the New Year. Feel free to send an email with your suggestions to

Also, as a small not-for-profit organization, we would welcome your financial gifts to keep making possible the work we do. We receive some grants for specific projects but are dependent on individual donors to meet our budget. If you value this work, please consider contributing.

Without further ado, I present to you our top blog posts of 2016:

  1. BioLogos responds to the Ark Encounter, by Deborah Haarsma, July 7.
  2. My trip to the Ark Encounter, by Jim Stump, August 9.
  3. April Maskiewicz on the “E” Word, by Kathryn Applegate, April 6.
  4. Karl Barth says “yes” to creation and evolution, by Wyatt Houtz, April 11.
  5. Flood geology and the Grand Canyon: What does the evidence really say? by Stephen Moshier, Gregg Davidson, Joel Duff, and Tim Helble, June 29.
  6. Genesis and and the flood: introduction, by Tremper Longman, July 5.
  7. Did God intend death? by Bethany Sollereder, May 24.
  8. The evolution of original sin, by Oliver Crisp, February 16.
  9. Did modern animals evolve from inhabitants of the ark? by Joel Duff, August 31.
  10. Genesis and the flood: the importance of genre, by Tremper Longman, July 6.
  11. Why Christians don’t need to be threatened by evolution, by Richard Middleton, July 13.
  12. Deep space and the dome of heaven, by Brad Kramer, January 13.
  13. Is cancer part of God’s good world? by Morgan Bolt, January 6.
  14. Genesis and the flood: understanding ancient history, by Tremper Longman, July 6.
  15. Evangelical parallel universes, by Jim Stump, March 28.
  16. Evolution is still not a theory in crisis—but neo-Darwinism might be, by Sy Garte and Aniko Albert, February 9.
  17. Losing and finding God through science: an interview with Science Mike, by Brad Kramer and Mike McHargue, September 13.
  18. Student ministry in a scientific age, by Ryan Campos, January 4.
  19. Five Surprising Facts about the Religious Beliefs of Scientists around the World, by Sarah Lane Ritchie, November 1.
  20. What happens when Christian schools use secular science textbooks? by Chris Stump and Joshua Reichard, August 16.

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Jim Stump

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