Southern Baptist Voices

Published on December 05, 2012

The Southern Baptist Voices series is a collection of seven essays from Southern Baptist scholars with BioLogos responses. The series came out of conversations between Dr. Darrel Falk and Dr. Kenneth Keathley, Senior Vice President for Academic Administration of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, as a way to address concerns and arguments about BioLogos’ theology.

We hope and pray that this dialogue will bring greater clarity to the issues at hand, charity towards those with whom we disagree, and glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Southern Baptist Voices: Expressing Our Concerns

Given the commitment to productive dialogue on the part of both BioLogos and our Southern Baptist colleagues, we hope that this series will generate important conversation on our site and beyond.


Southern Baptist Voices: Essentialism and Evolution

Bruce A. Little agues that essentialism should guide our understanding of human identity. In response, Robert Bishop shares the benefits of a trinitarian and Imago dei approach to human identity.


Southern Baptist Voices: Evolution and Death

John Laing argues that evolution requires death to play a central role in the creation of new life and sees Scripture as depicting death as evil. A BioLogos response is given by Jeff Schloss.


Southern Baptist Voices: Evolution and the Problem of Evil

Steve Lemke shares his concerns about Theistic Evolution's ability to address the Problem of Evil, and BioLogos responds to these concerns.


Southern Baptist Voices: Evolutionary Creationism and the Imago Dei

Dr. John Hammett critiques Evolutionary Creationism's ability to accommodate the Imago Dei, to which Dr. Tim O'Connor offers a response.


Southern Baptist Voices: Is Darwinism Theologically Neutral?

William Dembski argues that Darwinism undercuts several "non-negotiables" of Christianity, and Darrel Falk confirms that assessment on several points, while demonstrating that the BioLogos position is not the same as Darwinism.


Southern Baptist Voices: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Laying the groundwork for a better interaction between science and Christianity begins with gathering together to worship, study, and think, despite our differences.


Southern Baptist Voices: Teleological Arguments, Theistic Evolution, and Intelligent Design

James K. Dew expresses his concerns with Evolutionary Creationism's affirmation of macro evolution, portrayal of God's creative activity, and acceptance of the anthropic principle. Ard Louis responds.