Should Christians Take The Vaccine?

Published on March 18, 2021

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“Should I take the COVID vaccine?”

This is a question that everyone must answer for themselves.

For some Christians, this question runs into a particular set of roadblocks. These are serious issues, and they deserve a thoughtful and biblical response.

In these videos, we make the case that Christians should take the vaccine. But as important as the action itself is, we believe the decision making process matters just as much. These videos help Christians think about the biblical concept of “trust,” how we should respond to “institutional sin,” how we should read the book of Revelation, and more.

Should Christians take the vaccine?

It is important to think about the vaccine from a specifically Christian perspective because a sizable number of believers have indicated they are suspicious of the vaccine.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe?

The vaccine is the key to our global recovery from the pandemic. But currently there exists a sizable number of Christians who have indicated they are suspicious of the vaccine.

Is the COVID vaccine a form of government control?

To understand why Christians especially fear the vaccine as a form of government control, we have to realize that in the age of COVID, government and churches have been increasingly clashing.

How can Christians spot fake news on the vaccine?

In this video, I want to address the concern some Christians have about “fake news,” especially when it comes to COVID.

Is the COVID vaccine the "Mark of the Beast"?

If you are not familiar with all the different strands of Christianity, this may seem like a strange question to you.

Should Pro-lifers be Pro-Vaccine?

Pro lifers in fact have strong reasons to be pro-vaccine.

Should Christians trust the vaccine when the system is flawed?

Anyone living in the world cannot avoid the reality that many of our systems are broken.

Can Black Americans trust the COVID vaccine?

Can Black Americans trust the COVID vaccine? This is a crucial question that will impact the future health of our African American community.

Vaccine Q & A with Dr. Francis Collins

Curtis Chang gets the chance to ask NIH Director Francis Collins some questions in a "rapid-fire" type format.