Reviewing “Darwin’s Doubt”

Published on January 30, 2015

A series of critiques and reviews of Stephen Meyer’s book, Darwin’s Doubt, as well as a response from Meyer.


Reviewing “Darwin’s Doubt”: Introduction

Meyer and the Discovery Institute seek to make the case for a designer in a purely scientific context. At BioLogos, we think that science is not equipped to provide a full apologetic.


Reviewing “Darwin’s Doubt”: Ralph Stearley

In Darwin's Doubt, Stephen Meyer overemphasizes the significance of discoveries relevant to further complexity in the regulation of the developmental process.


Reviewing “Darwin’s Doubt”: Robert Bishop

Many biologists are pursuing an extended synthesis, involving population genetics, developmental biology, and more, yet Meyer presents their work as offering an alternative to neo-Darwinian evolution.


Reviewing "Darwin’s Doubt": Darrel Falk

Darwin’s Doubt is a well-researched and fairly accurate picture of contemporary biology. It is the best case yet presented by the ID movement, though its conclusions are unconvincing.


Reviewing “Darwin’s Doubt”: Response by Stephen Meyer

A critical and constructive response to our series on his book Darwin's Doubt.


Reviewing Darwin’s Doubt: Conclusion

Our series reviewing Darwin's Doubt concludes with a rejoinder to Stephen Meyer and a summary of the dialogue.