Reflections on “The Lost World of Genesis 1” by John Walton

Published on October 31, 2018

Genesis is an Ancient Book, and that’s OK

We Evangelicals place ourselves under the authority of the Bible's content, but often subject the Bible to our own preferences for the form that we expect that revelation to take.

To Function or Not to Function

Walton's analysis of Genesis 1 brings fresh perspective to important topics related to biblical interpretation and biblical authority.


Creation is the Temple Where God Rests

Walton's argument is fully convincing and enormously helpful: that Genesis 1 is an account of God's establishment of functional order to inaugurate the world as a cosmic temple.


If Walton is Right on His Function-Only View: Some Implications

John Walton's interpretation of Genesis 1 is compelling and deservedly popular, yet some scholars have doubts about the validity of his conclusions.


Material or Function in Genesis 1? John Walton Responds

A "functional" interpretation of Genesis 1 makes the best sense of what we read in the text itself, in the context in which it was written and received.

Jim Stump 

How Walton’s Lost World Opened up a New World for Me

Our reading of Scripture is enriched when we understand how it draws from ancient genres and contexts on the one hand, and how it subverts ancient expectations on the other.