Evolution and Biblical Faith: Reflections by Theologian J. Richard Middleton

Published on November 01, 2018

In this series, biblical scholar and theologian J. Richard Middleton dives into some of the most difficult issues at the intersection of Christian faith and modern science, and giving us a fresh perspective on how to find harmony between them.

Why Christians Don’t Need to Be Threatened by Evolution

Christians who embrace a biblical understanding of creation may see the hand of God in the deep time of the cosmos and the complex processes of biological evolution.

The Ancient Universe and the Cosmic Temple

If we persist in reading Genesis 1 as a quasi-scientific account, we will miss the main point—that this world is God’s intended dwelling, which he has sanctified with his presence.


Humans as Imago Dei and the Evolution of Homo Sapiens

Christians who take Scripture seriously should at least be open to considering the idea of common descent.


Evolution and the Historical Fall: What Does Genesis 3 Tell Us about the Origin of Evil?

A closer look at what Genesis 3 actually says, to address perceived tensions between an evolutionary account of humanity and the biblical story of the origin of evil.