Divine Action: A BioLogos Conversation

Published on November 05, 2018

A series of proposals about how specifically God might interact with his creation, both in its regularities and in miraculous events.


Does the Success of Science Leave God Unemployed?

Modern science has explained much of our world in terms of natural processes. What does this mean for divine action in the world?


Why Can’t God Intervene?

It is both rational and logical to assert that a transcendent God can intervene in his creation, if God wishes.


Miracles and Science: A Third Way

My model, Non-Interventionist Objective Divine Action, allows us to ascribe actions to God in the natural world that do not violate the laws of nature.


Divine Action: Naturalism and Incarnation

Miracles are not a divine interference, but reflections of the true nature of the world that is usually hidden from us.

Amos Yong 

Divine Action, Theodicy, and the Holy Spirit

The third person of the Trinity is often overlooked in discussions about creation and miracles.


Divine Action as Uncontrolling Love

Does God’s loving nature teach us anything about how God interacts with creation?

Why We Can’t “Solve” the Problem of Divine Action

The difficulty when discussing how God interacts with the world, is that there is a natural pull toward two different ideas that most Christians find problematic.