Biblical Authority: A BioLogos Conversation

Published on January 29, 2019

How can we reconcile biblical inerrancy with evolutionary creation? This series suggests there is more than one way to think about this issue.

Pete Enns 

Science and an Incarnational Approach to the Bible

An ancient, contextual Bible is not an embarrassment but an indication of how willing God is to meet us where we are—a willingness seen most clearly in the incarnate Lord.

Does the Bible Contain Errors?

I am often asked some version of this question by Christians who wish to know if I share their belief in the truthfulness of Scripture. This is an important belief held by nearly all Christians, and for good reasons.


A Defense of a “Well-Versed” Doctrine of Inerrancy

Biblical inerrancy is neither a hermeneutical shortcut nor a substitute for good exegesis.