Awake in the Night: A Virtual Dialogue

Published on May 15, 2020

The pastoral burden for Christian students of science is to navigate relationships with fellow believers, some of whom are suspicious of science, and fellow scientists, some of whom are suspicious of faith. The virtual dialogue in this series addresses that tension in narrative form. Martin is fictional, but the struggles are real.

Awake in the Night: Part 1

A professor begins to address the tough questions about the harmony of science and Christianity that are keeping his student up at night.

Awake in the Night: Part 2

Scott's student finishes his first assignment, and both share insights and takeaways from their reading.

Awake in the Night: Part 3

After reading an alternative naturalist perspective, the student has even more questions.

Awake in the Night: Part 4

The conclusion of the dialogue ends with the student’s new friend inquiring about Christianity. He seeks encouragement from his mentor.

Awake in the Night: The Afterword

Author and professor discusses what led him to write this dialogue.