Surprised by Scripture: Engaging Contemporary Issues

by N.T. Wright
HarperOne, 2014

Surprised by Scripture: Engaging Contemporary Issues Book CoverThere is a growing group of orthodox, biblically faithful Christian thinkers who are taking up the task of recasting the interaction between science and Scripture. This list now includes N.T. Wright.

Helpful, practical, and wise, Surprised by Scripture invites readers to examine their own hearts and minds and presents new models for understanding how to affirm the Bible in today’s world—as well as new ideas and renewed energy for deepening our faith and engaging with the world around us. -Amazon

N.T. Wright’s new book, Surprised by Scripture, is a collection of essays that were originally lectures delivered in various settings. The first two — “Healing the Divide between Science and Religion” and “Do We Need a Historical Adam?” — were lectures given at BioLogos events in New York City in 2012 and 2013. The third essay, “Can a Scientist Believe in the Resurrection?” also has obvious interest for the BioLogos community. Furthermore, Wright dedicated this book to BioLogos founder, Francis Collins. Other essays in the book consider topics like women’s ordination, care of the environment, and politics. Wright’s scholarly and pastoral approach to Scripture shows the profound relevance of the Bible for today’s issues without dismissing the importance of contemporary research across the disciplines. Wright’s insights encourage people of faith to reflect the reality of God’s kingdom to all the world, and to reflect the praise of all creation back to God in worship.

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In the escalating vitriol in our culture, “science” and “faith” have found each other on opposite sides of a polarized divide. Truth and community are under attack.

If there is one thing the pandemic has shown us, it is what science can and cannot do. Scientists and doctors have done amazing things during the pandemic—identified the virus, treated the disease, and developed safe vaccines that work.

But in these polarized times, science can’t reduce anger, forgive sins, build mutual respect, or fill us with compassion for others.

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