BioLogos has been at the forefront of presenting evolutionary creation as a faithful response to the Bible and the created order. More and more people are finding their story through BioLogos. These are stories of pastors, teachers, students, and seekers—real people who have been encouraged and guided along their faith journey because of our ministry.

Stories from Students

  • Learning to Say “Maybe”

    Blog Post
    Learning to Say “Maybe”

    The danger comes when we only need God for what we don’t know, and, conversely, we don’t need him in what we do know. Read More >

  • The Evolution of a Southern Baptist

    Blog Post
    The Evolution of a Southern Baptist

    Recent high-school graduate Jacob shares about his journey from young-earth creationism to evolutionary creationism, and how his faith was challenged and strengthened along the way. Read More >

Stories from Scientists

  • Stories: Natasha Strande

    Blog Post
    Stories: Natasha Strande

    The resources available on the BioLogos fueled my hunger to learn more about our Creator and stirred a passion in me to be an advocate for the unity between science and faith. Read More >

  • Stories: Jeff Hardin

    Blog Post
    Stories: Jeff Hardin

    Helping students see that the notion that we must choose between sound faith and current science is a false dichotomy is key in aiding their development into fully devoted Christians. Read More >

  • Stories: Pablo De Felipe

    Blog Post
    Stories: Pablo De Felipe

    At a time when the internet is overcrowded with information and misinformation, it is good to have the BioLogos website where you can be sure that the information is handled by expert... Read More >

  • From Intelligent Design to BioLogos

    Scholarly Article
    From Intelligent Design to BioLogos

    In this paper, Venema tells the story of his transition from support of Intelligent Design to the view that God uses evolution as a creative mechanism. Read More >

  • Scientists Tell Their Stories: Owen Gingerich

    Audio Visual
    Scientists Tell Their Stories: Owen Gingerich

    Dr. Owen Gingerich is professor emeritus of astronomy and history of science at Harvard University. He grew up in a Christian home and attended a Christian college in northern India... Read More >

  • Scientists Tell Their Stories: David Wilkinson

    Blog Post
    Scientists Tell Their Stories: David Wilkinson

    "If I have one criticism of my fellow theologians from time to time, it’s that they’re often stuck in the physics of the 19th century rather than the 20th and 21st centu... Read More >

  • A Fumbling Journey, Part 1

    Blog Post
    A Fumbling Journey, Part 1

    I saw people who were real, kind, loving, complicated and sometimes, just sometimes (at least in my opinion), they were wrong. Read More >

Stories from Pastors

  • Breaking Away from a False Dilemma

    Blog Post
    Breaking Away from a False Dilemma

    We, Christians, need to move away from the rigid modes of biblical interpretation that present false dilemmas between faith and science. Read More >

  • A Breath of Rejuvenating Air

    Blog Post
    A Breath of Rejuvenating Air

        With one exception, none of our churches seemed to highly value the role of the pastor as scholar. Let me clarify: my churches wanted their pastor to be intelligent.... Read More >

  • Stories: Dean N. Smith

    Blog Post
    Stories: Dean N. Smith

    The ministry of BioLogos helps them integrate their faith with their work and establishes a base for conversations about science and faith through our church communities. Read More >

  • Stories: Pastor Shiao Chong

    Blog Post
    Stories: Pastor Shiao Chong

    I thank God for BioLogos’ work and ministry. It is a rare, but important, perspective and voice in the midst of loud clamors from the extreme ends of the faith and science debat... Read More >

Stories from Scholars

Stories from Parents and Educators

John Ortberg, Pastor, Menlo Church

Jesus said that we are to love the Lord our God with all our mind. That means scientific investigation ought to be an act of worship. BioLogos is helping to recover an enormously important endeavor for the church in our day, and I am grateful to God that it exists and is bringing light to places that too often only get heat.

- John Ortberg, Pastor, Menlo Church
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