Faithful to Science: The Role of Science in Religion

Published on September 24, 2014

Faithful to Science: The Role of Science in Religion Book Cover[Book, 2014] by Andrew Steane, Professor of Physics at Univ. of Oxford. The author is a Christian, but his personal faith is not the emphasis here. He states in the Introduction: “The aim of the book is to do us all a service by making it clear that science, like baking and architecture, is the property of the whole human race and is not the political partner of either atheism or theism or any other religious idea. Science is a natural part of the discourse of anyone who is prepared to use their mental faculties carefully. That includes the people who think carefully and come to theistic conclusions and also the people who think carefully and come to atheistic conclusions, and positions in between.”

Dear BioLogos reader ...

In the escalating vitriol in our culture, “science” and “faith” have found each other on opposite sides of a polarized divide. Truth and community are under attack.

If there is one thing the pandemic has shown us, it is what science can and cannot do. Scientists and doctors have done amazing things during the pandemic—identified the virus, treated the disease, and developed safe vaccines that work.

But in these polarized times, science can’t reduce anger, forgive sins, build mutual respect, or fill us with compassion for others.

Science alone can’t give us hope. Faith can. Join BioLogos today in reaching a world desperate for hope. Your tax-deductible donation will be the difference between someone encountering misinformation, or a thoughtful, truthful, and hopeful Christian perspective that shows faith and science working hand in hand.

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