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BioLogos Editorial Team
 on March 22, 2024

New Books from Darrel Falk and Jim Stump

Darrel Falk and BioLogos Vice President Jim Stump have new books on evolution, and they will be leading workshops about them at our conference next month.

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The BioLogos audience is a bookish crowd. They regularly search our website for books, and aren’t afraid of ones with depth and nuance. Let us point you toward a couple of new books we think you’ll enjoy, along with an exciting announcement.

1. On the (Divine) Origin of Our Species

On the Divine Origin of Species book cover Darrel Falk was the president of BioLogos from 2009 to 2012. He is a retired Point Loma Nazarene University genetics professor. His first book, “Coming to Peace with Science: Bridging the Worlds Between Faith and Biology (InterVarsity Press, 2004) was one of the important early books that showed how evolution can be compatible with Christian faith.

Now twenty years later, Darrel has written a follow-up. His first book didn’t explicitly engage human evolution because the climate in many Christian circles about evolution in those days was challenging. But his new book, “On the (Divine) Origin of Our Species tackles the science of human evolution directly.

Darrel is one of the most widely read people in our network about human evolution, so when he writes a book drawing on recent scholarship, you know it is going to be a gold mine. He surveys the latest developments in evolution research and brings these into dialogue with biblical scholars and theologians. What emerges is an important understanding of how God created image-bearing human beings through the Spirit’s wooing.

Darrel wrote some shorter, accessible articles to draw out the important themes of his book and shared them with us. These have been compiled on this page. We hope they will whet your appetites to read the whole book!

2.The Sacred Chain: How Understanding Evolution Leads to Deeper Faith

"The Scared Chain" book cover

The other new book we’d like to highlight comes from our Vice President of Programs and Language of God podcast host, Jim Stump. His new book, “The Sacred Chain: How Understanding Evolution Leads to Deeper Faith(HarperOne, 2024), goes on sale April 2. 

In it Jim tells his story of growing up in a conservative Christian community that thought evolution was dangerous for Christian faith. Jim became one of the casualties of the creation-evolution battles that were fought on Christian college campuses in those days. 

The book attempts to sympathetically understand why evolution is such a challenge for American Christians, and that begins with the Bible. But even after that challenge is resolved, there are other conceptual challenges that the science of evolution poses to Christian faith. Jim walks through the long ages of death and suffering, the evolution of the soul, and other challenges. For each of these, he shows how the initial challenge leads to a deeper faith, more consistent with what we know about the world and our loving creator God.

And now for the exciting announcement: Darrel Falk and Jim Stump will be jointly presenting at one of the breakout sessions at BioLogos’s Faith & Science Conference next month. You can hear their stories and learn how Jim and Darrel both have richer, more authentic faith as a result of their understanding of evolution. We hope to see you there!

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