Beating Boredom: Science and Faith Resources to Reduce Isolation

As self-quarantine and social distancing continue to make recluses of us all, it’s more necessary than ever to break down isolation, stimulate our minds (and hearts!), and find diversions other than binging Tiger King or recording your cat’s inner-monologue on artificial intelligence.

Here are some of our greatest hits, and other suggestions, to help meet the moment. At best, we hope these resources educate, entertain, and inspire hope. At worst, may they be the distractions needed to help you through another day or week (or longer).


Is the relationship between science and Christianity one of ongoing, inevitable conflict? Historian Ted Davis addresses. Also, Dennis Venema helps you brush up on your understanding of evolution.

Science and the Bible

This series was written by historian Ted Davis, to address "the now-common view that the history of science and Christianity is one of ongoing, inevitable conflict."

Watching & Listening

Three really good interviews with scientists on the pandemic, rounded out well with an inspiring Christian perspective. The Reverend Leonard J. Vander Zee's "Big Story" is required viewing for anyone trying to reconcile their faith with what science has taught us of God's world.

BioLogos Basics

A series of short, snappy videos introducing the sometimes treacherous topics on science and faith.

Engage Online

Isolation and boredom can be real consequences of the coronavirus, but they don't have to be. Find community and engagement by joining the forum, or participating in some of these activities.

The BioLogos Forum

As so many of us hunker down due to Coronavirus, find community and fellowship in the BioLogos Forum, an online haven for those who see science as the study of God’s creation.