Sarah Bodbyl Roels

BioLogos Advisory Council, BioLogos Voices


Book Speaker

Sarah is a biologist and faculty developer at the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO. She has expertise in the areas of evolutionary biology, scientific communication, and educational development. She earned her Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Kansas studying plant mating system evolution. Sarah’s recent projects include three diverse NSF-funded initiatives: GK-12 BioEnergy SusTainability (science communication and graduate student professional development), Carbon TIME (grades 6–12 biological science literacy and teacher education), & ELeVATE Energy (grades 6–8 physical science literacy and teacher education). At Mines, Sarah works with university faculty to improve teaching practices and achieve classroom learning goals. Sarah passionately explores the relationship between science and faith and appreciates opportunities to learn from others and share her experiences as a Christian evolutionary biologist. Aside from scholarly pursuits, you might find Sarah bird watching, hiking with her husband and dog, fishing, running, or riding her horse.