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Regina McCurdy


Regina McCurdy, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Middle Grades and Secondary Education in Science Education at Georgia Southern University. She and her talented and supportive husband Michael have two bright beautiful children, Ellis and Elyse, and a people-loving yellow Labrador Retriever Sabra. Regina is very passionate about teaching and learning, drawing from her experiences as a science teacher, instructional coach, and teacher educator for almost 20 years. She has a desire to equip and empower teachers of science—across primary, secondary, post-secondary and graduate levels—in implementing effective culturally relevant pedagogy in their classrooms. In doing so, Regina hopes to develop teachers who actively advocate for all students, so that these learners receive the best possible science instruction. Central to her goal in science education is motivating students to not only enjoy science, but to view themselves as scientists, critical thinkers, and global citizens who desire to help solve real-world issues creatively and with empathy.

Regina has been following Christ since her childhood and is honored that God called her to the field of education. She does not take this calling for granted; she knows serving and being a light to others in this way is greatly needed in this space. When Regina is not lesson planning, grading, researching or writing for academic publications, she enjoys spending time with her family, listening to a variety of podcasts, playing Candy Crush, and baking, though she hopes to do more inspirational writing on her blog.


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