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Larry Langdon

Larry Langdon

Board Treasurer
Board of Directors

Larry R. Langdon is a partner at Mayer Brown LLP, in Palo Alto, CA, where he advises clients in all matters to tax controversy, planning, and tax strategy. From 1999-2003, Larry served as commissioner of the Large and Mid-Size Business Division within the IRS. Prior to the IRS, Larry was the VP of Tax, Licensing, and Customs at Hewlett-Packard for 21 years. Larry is currently an elder-at-large at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, and sits on several non-profit boards, including Fuller Theological Seminary, Church of the Pioneers Foundation, and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, USA. Larry and his wife, Sue, have two daughters, Ginger and Robin, two sons-in-law, Barry and Larry, and four grandchildren, Elizabeth, Emily, John, and Luke.