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Casper Hesp

Casper Hesp

Casper Hesp is a coding-oriented academic and tech entrepreneur with a hybrid career in academia and business. Holding two BSc degrees in Psychology and Astronomy (earned in 2015; both Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Groningen, and two research MSc degrees in Gravitation Astroparticle Physics and Astronomy, as well as Brain and Cognitive Sciences (earned in 2019; both Cum Laude) from the University of Amsterdam, Casper is now completing his PhD in Social Computational Neuroscience, which he started in 2019 and is expected to finish in 2023, funded by a Research Talent Grant from the NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). With over three years of C-suite experience, beginning in 2020, Casper has served as CTO and is currently the Chief Architect and co-founder of SenseWorld BV, a tech innovation startup focused on developing cutting-edge solutions and a subsidiary of Senta BV, a MetaTool consortium partner that specializes in multisensory concepting. He plays a key role in the interdisciplinary MetaTool project (2022-2026), a Horizon EU project funded by the European Innovation Council, through his involvement with SenseWorld BV. The MetaTool project is an international public-private partnership involving five universities and two companies, showcasing Casper’s dedication to societal impact at the intersection of academia and business through collaborative efforts.