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Carol Bremer-Bennett

Carol Bremer-Bennett

Carol Bremer-Bennett is World Renew’s U.S. Executive Director. As director, she oversees their work in 30 countries around the globe in poverty & hunger alleviation as well as disaster response. She is born to the To’aheedliinii (Waters Flow Together) Clan and born for the Todich’iinii (Bitter Water) Clan of the Navajo Nation. Bremer-Bennett is an educator by training, with a B.A. from Calvin College and M.A. from Western New Mexico University.

Her extensive experience in Christian ministry spans more than 25 years of organizational leadership, leadership development, and administration.

Carol believes in the power of community and shares her passion and gifts with her church, school and like-minded international organizations. She has served on multiple boards, including Calvin University, New Mexico Assoc. of Non-Public School, CARE 66, Integral, and Growing Hope Globally.

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