Featured speaker Deborah Haarsma

Faith and Science, Hand in Hand

Date and Time:September 27, 2023 — 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM EST
Organizer:St. David's School

BioLogos President Deb Haarsma will be speaking at St. David’s School at a free, public event on September 27, 2023.

We live in an amazing world.  Science is making astounding discoveries about our universe, our planet, and our bodies. For hundreds of years, Christians have seen science as the study of the handiwork of God and in harmony with the Bible. Yet in our polarized culture today, science and faith have ended up on opposite sides.  A large and increasing fraction of Christian young people see “science” as a cause for doubt, and people of no faith see “science” as a barrier to faith. It doesn’t have to be this way!

God invites us to explore his World and his Word, and we can do this without compromising scientific accuracy or watering down scripture.  Instead of making secondary issues into culture war battles, Christians can model gracious dialogue in places where we disagree and celebrate the core of our shared faith where we agree. In many of the challenges facing our world today –climate change, AI, gene-editing, healthcare disparities – rigorous science is essential. But science alone cannot provide all the answers or show us how to follow Christ. We need both Christ-centered faith and rigorous science, working hand in hand, to bring human flourishing.

This event is hosted by St. David’s School.

Featured speaker

Deb Haarsma

Deborah Haarsma

Deborah Haarsma is President of BioLogos. She is an astronomer and frequent speaker on modern science and Christian faith at research universities, churches, and public venues like the National Press Club. Her work appears in several recent books, including Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Design and Christ and the Created Order.  She wrote the book Origins with her husband and fellow physicist, Loren Haarsma, presenting the agreements and disagreements among Christians regarding the history of life and the universe.  She edited the anthology Delight in Creation: Scientists Share Their Work with the Church with Rev. Scott Hoezee. Previously, Haarsma served as professor and chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Calvin University. She is an experienced research scientist, with several publications in the Astrophysical Journal and the Astronomical Journal on extragalactic astronomy and cosmology. She has studied large galaxies, galaxy clusters, the curvature of space, and the expansion of the universe using telescopes around the world and in orbit.  Haarsma completed her doctoral work in astrophysics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her undergraduate work in physics and music at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She and Loren enjoy science fiction and classical music, and live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.