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Pastors & Theologians

Our network includes some of the most influential pastors and theologians. See what they have to say about BioLogos!

Tim Keller
Redeemer Presbyterian

“Many people today, both secular and Christian, want us to believe that science and religion cannot live together. Not only is this untrue, but we believe that a thoughtful dialogue between science and faith is essential for engaging the hearts and minds of individuals today. BioLogos provides an important first step towards that end.”

Bishop Claude Alexander
The Park Church

“BioLogos provides a space where followers of Christ across the disciplines of science and religion are able to affirm their shared belief in and worship of God as the creator of all that is, and their common concern for the proper stewardship of God’s creation in a manner that appreciates the integrity of their disciplines and the authenticity of their faith communities.”

Harvey Clemons Jr.
Pleasant Hill Baptist

“The amazing planet on which we live and the vast world we seek to understand as people of faith compels us to search for the majesty of our Creator and His Creation. I am humbled and honored to journey with BioLogos as it creates a safe atmosphere to pursue probing and intellectual conversations while holding to our faith and confidence in God the Creator, Christ the Savior and His guiding Spirit.”

N.T. Wright
Bishop of Durham

“Christians and secularists alike are in danger of treating ‘Darwin vs the Bible’ as just another battlefront in the polarized ‘culture wars’. This grossly misrepresents both science and faith. BioLogos not only shows that there is an alternative, but actually models it. God’s world and God’s word go together in a rich, living harmony.”

Richard Mouw
Fuller Theological Seminary 

“We are living in a time when the big questions about faith and science can be both fascinating and challenging. Biologos provides us with a “safe space” to explore the complexities in the confidence that all truth–including that which comes from the serious study of “the book of nature”– is God’s truth.”

Scientists & Scholars

BioLogos features leading scientists from research universities who also live a vibrant Christian faith.

April Maskiewicz Cordero
Point Loma Nazarene

“Thanks to BioLogos, I now have a community where I feel welcome as a Christian and as a Biologist who accepts evolution.”

Praveen Sethupathy
Cornell University

“BioLogos is leading the way in setting the tone for thoughtful and productive dialogue on the topic of harmony between science and faith. They are providing the much-needed space for wrestling with the tough questions of life with civility, integrity, and rigor.”

Elaine Howard Ecklund
Rice University

“BioLogos—more than any other organization I know of—helps churches understand the beauty of science.”

Jeff Hardin
University of Wisconsin

“By providing books, online resources, and digital media of high quality, BioLogos is an invaluable resource in my work with both Christian students and those investigating Christianity. In BioLogos, students see modeled before them a Psalm 19 way of thinking: that both God’s world and his word declare his glory.”

Journalists and Influencers

BioLogos plays a role in the public dialogue between science and biblical faith, and has developed relationships with some key voices in the conversation.

Andy Crouch
Former Executive Editor, Christianity Today

“The conversations I’ve experienced through BioLogos—with scientists, theologians, biblical scholars, philosophers, and pastors—have been among the most enjoyable, informative, and challenging learning experiences of my life. BioLogos seeks to bring both grace and truth to the many intersection points of contemporary science and biblical faith.”

Barbara Bradley Hagerty

“I believe we are at a critical juncture in the life of modern Christianity: We can either acknowledge and embrace the challenges – and the insights – that science poses to faith, or we can run away from them. BioLogos, more than any other organization, is navigating this tricky and exciting terrain. I’m delighted to be associated with BioLogos’ thoughtful inquiry in the mysteries of science and Christianity.”