Does modern science influence how we read the Bible? Is faith reasonable in our scientific age? What's it like to pursue a career in science as a Christian? As a youth worker, you're probably hearing questions like these from your students frequently. Your answers can have a huge impact on the lives of the kids you serve. 

According to a 2009 Barna study, 52% of youth group teens aspire to science-related careers, but only 1% of youth workers have addressed issues of science in the past year (You Lost Me, 2011). Many youth pastors simply don't know where to start.

BioLogos is here to help! Below are links to recommended books, articles, videos, and stories that can get you up to speed on popular topics and give you practical ideas of how to start a positive conversation about science and faith in your youth group.

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Evolution through the Lens of Faith

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Tim Keller, Pastor, Author, The Reason for God

Many people today, both secular and Christian, want us to believe that science and religion cannot live together. Not only is this untrue, but we believe that a thoughtful dialogue between science and faith is essential for engaging the hearts and minds of individuals today. BioLogos provides an important first step towards that end.

- Tim Keller, Pastor, Author, The Reason for God
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