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How does modern science fit with the Bible? What about evolution and the Big Bang? How do we hold to faith in a scientific age? As a youth worker, you are probably facing these kinds of questions and you’re aware that your answers can have a huge impact on the lives of the kids you serve. We want to support you as you tackle these tough issues.

You will find a few different kinds of materials here. Some will help you grow in your own understanding of the science and faith issues. Other materials you can use directly with youth as you engage them on these topics.

It is our prayer that this resource center will help equip you to lead thoughtful discussions on science and faith so that young people may be drawn closer to our living God in the process.


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Leslie Wickman, PhD , Executive Director, American Scientific Affiliation

BioLogos helps both laypeople and scholars wrestle with the connections between the science of biological origins and Christian theology. I am happy to have the BioLogos perspective as well as others represented within the American Scientific Affiliation.

- Leslie Wickman, PhD , Executive Director, American Scientific Affiliation
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