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Almost from the beginning, BioLogos has received requests for information on educational resources that present more options for those who desire to take their faith and science seriously. Resources like this can be challenging to find, but we are pleased to present some worth looking in to. New materials are being developed (including by a few of our Evolution & Christian Faith grantees), and we hope to continue to discover other good options. When we do, we will update this list. Plan to check back regularly to discover what’s new!

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“To know the mighty works of God, to comprehend His wisdom and majesty and power, to appreciate, in degree, the wonderful working of His laws, surely all this must be a pleasing and acceptable mode of worship to the Most High, to whom ignorance cannot be more gratifying than knowledge.”



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Why we need to do better at educating the next generation

Are science and faith in conflict?

Andrew Ginsberg, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

The work of BioLogos—seeing the harmony in science and faith—is essential to the truth and attractiveness of the gospel in two critical ways.  First, one needs both the specific and general revelation to relate to our Lord: why would we pit one of God’s revelations against another? A house divided against itself… Second, the science and faith conversation is one of the key ways the Church and the World are in discord.  We must learn to engage each other in the context of this false dichotomy, and in the context of a world that does not know how to engage lovingly through tension.  It is our witness.  This is our chance.  The gospel is at stake.

- Andrew Ginsberg, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
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