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Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths About Science and Religion

edited by Ron Numbers
Harvard University Press, 2010
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Numbers and 24 other contributors debunk falsehoods about the relationship between science and religion.


"An illuminating study of the relationship between science and religion...This book features the contributions of a team of 25 scholars that includes agnostics, atheists, and Christians. Their collective objective is to dispel the "hoary myths" of the supposedly bellicose relationship between religion and science. Readers will be fascinated by the evidence that for advocating Copernicanism, Galileo was not imprisoned (as commonly thought) but interrogated--albeit under the threat of torture--and set up in an apartment. Other misconceptions concern the connection between Darwinian thought and Nazi biology, Einstein's belief in God, and Islam's alleged hostility toward scientific enquiry."
– C. Brian Smith, Library Journal