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What is BioLogos?


Is God the Creator?


What about the Bible?


How did God create the ingredients for life?


How old is the earth?


How does evolution work? Part 1


How does evolution work? Part 2




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BioLogos Basics

Explore science and faith with this video tour and links to further resources.

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1. What Is BioLogos?

1. What is BioLogos?

Further resources:

  • BioLoguration – The first blog post by Francis Collins, announcing the launch of the BioLogos website.
  • Our Beliefs – Our mission, values, Christian beliefs, and other information about the organization.
  • Our History – More about the founding and development of the BioLogos Foundation.
  • Resource Finder – The tool for finding other resources on our site by type and tag, or using the search box for author and date.

2. Is God the Creator?

Further resources:

  • An Enriched Creation and An Unfolding Creation – Two short video clips from our feature length documentary, From the Dust.
  • Creation? Which Creation? – Thomas Burnett gives an overview of a book by William P. Brown, The Seven Pillars of Creation, which details the seven different creation accounts in the Bible.
  • Maker of Heaven and Earth – Audio of a sermon by Pastor David Swaim, discussing our belief of God as the “Maker of heaven and earth”.
  • Recovering the Doctrine of Creation – Wheaton professor Robert Bishop gives a substantial series of blog posts on the doctrine of creation.
  • On Creating the Cosmos – In this blog post, our Fellow Ted Davis introduces the work of Ted Peters, including an excerpt where Peters begins to lay out his theology of creation.

3. What about the Bible?

Further resources:

4. How did God create the ingredients for life?

Further resources:

5. How old is the earth?

Further resources:

6. How Evolution Works, Part 1

Further resources:

  • Evolution: What we Know and What we Don't, A video of BioLogos Senior Scholar Jeff Schloss briefly reflecting on what we mean by "evolution."
  • Misconceptions about Evolution, A short blog series that addresses common misrepresentations of what scientists mean by the theory of evolution.
  • Speciation and Macroevolution, A 15 minute audio-and-slides overview of some of the evidence for speciation that is relevant to the examples in this video.
  • The Basics of Heritable Variation, Part 1 and Part 2, by BioLogos Fellow Dennis Venema, gives the basics of how offspring differ from their parents. And of course there is his massive course-length series, Evolution Basics.
  • Finally, consider the blog post Evolution and the Imago Dei in which BioLogos founder, Francis Collins, reflects on the reality of evolution in the context of biblical faith.

7. How Evolution Works, Part 2

Further resources:

  • Evidence for Evolution. Two posts in this blog series give further details about whale evolution from the perspectives of DNA and comparative anatomy.
  • Understanding Evolution: Theory, Prediction, and Converging Lines of Evidence. This blog series by Fellow Dennis Venema uses whale evolution as the example to explain evolution.
  • What is Evolution?. Our common question entry on the topic, with many more resources.
  • Common Ancestry. In this short video clip, Denis Alexander explains how he understands human common ancestry with other life forms as "very good".
  • Does Science Disprove Faith? Video of a sermon by John Ortberg, which addresses science in general, but also evolution in particular.
  • Finally, consider several blog posts from 2012 by our former Senior Fellow of Arts and Humanities, Mark Sprinkle. These are artistic representations of whales, including a poem, a sculpture, and a song.

8. Genetics

Further resources: